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I am so excited to share with you another great discovery. Anicura is a line of pet grooming products (cats AND dogs) based in the UK! They are loved and adored in that country, that they decided to try their hand in the US via Amazon. We were so excited to try them out. Ordering from Amazon was a breeze, and it came promptly.

Anicura is all natural (no, really!!). They were founded in 2011, and have/never will use harsh chemicals in their products. Their belief is that if YOU, the owner, can’t safely use this products – neither should your pet.

In the past I have used Benji or Milo as a model, but this line of grooming products is extra helpful for dogs with itchy or dry skin. For this reason, I went to my mother and asked if I could use her King Charles Spaniel, Pippa, as our model. This would be the only way I could get accurate results!

The Test

We started off with the Anicura Natural Dog Shampoo for Skin Allergies. This product is filled with Omega’s for a luscious coat, no “nasties” that strip the skin of their natural oils (and cause flakiness), and it contains pure oils that contribute to the wonderful smell!


“Smells so good, I could almost eat it!!”


After rinsing out the shampoo, it was time to condition with the Anicura Deep Nourishing Conditioner.


By this point, Pippa was ready to go, but the essential oils in the products kept her calm and relaxed. 🙂

The conditioner was very nice, it seems to soak into her coat almost instantly to condition. Also filled with Omegas, this conditioner has no parabens or artificial ingredients normally used to create a “lather”. This lathered just fine without it!

Next, we applied the Anicura Natural Dog Gel Ointment, which is used for itchy skin, hot spots, or wounds. We applied just a little to her back where she gets the itchiest. She almost instantly relaxed!


This too smelled wonderful, and a little goes a long way! Then we did a small spritz of the Anicura Natural Spray for Dogs with Skin Allergies (including Eczema, Hot Spots, ect.) as well as a small squirt of the Anicura Natural Flea and Tick Spray.


All in all, everything smelled nice and felt great for miss Pippa. She wasn’t as sad as she normally is for bath time, she definitely seemed more relaxed and at ease. It’s so nice to have products out there that don’t strip dogs of their natural oils and contribute to flakiness and itching!

You can check them out by clicking HERE!


Does your dog like having baths?

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