We are excited to finally reveal the boys’ Halloween costumes! Benji is a Ewok from Star Wars (I get told that he looks like one all the time – I take it as a compliment. haha!) Milo is a beautiful butterfly. Boys’ can be butterflies too!

Honestly, he just has that type of personality, so I thought it fit him well. I think he looks pretty cute.

Happy (early – as I post this) Halloween to you and your pups! I hope it’s filled with dog safe treats and activities. Make sure to take lots of photos and tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I wanna see those costumes. šŸ™‚

Now Onto the #ChewyInfluencer Review…

As you probably know, we are a part of the Chewy Influencer program, so we got to try out this goody in exchange for our honest review. Today we will be reviewing the Weruva Pumpkin Puree for Dogs + Cats!

halloween dogs

First impressions? Adorable packing. Perfect for Fall, but did you know pumpkin is actually great for dogs… year round? Yep. Pumpkin is full of fiber to keep your pup (or cats) GI system working properly and the stool healthy. When my dogs are having stool issues, I always add pumpkin!

Not only is it good for them when they are having GI issues, they love the taste! It’s not yucky medicine that has more side effects than it should, or a bitter taste. It’s natural, it’s real, and in my experience – it works.

These come in easy to use servings. The directions say to make this 10% of your pets diet. For this, I eyeball it… maybe 5% in the morning, 5% in the evening, or all 10% in one meal. It’s up to you!

halloween dogs

You can buy this pumpkin puree on Chewy.com for only $7.44! It’s a great deal, and it came with a good amount of pouches. Whatever you don’t use in the pouch, you can save in the fridge for later! I’m honestly pleased with this product.

Again, we wish you a great holiday with your fur babies!! Do you have any plans? Let us know in the comments below. šŸ™‚



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