Today’s post is by a guest author, Lazhar who runs the website Breeding Business on how to properly breed dogs. Please give Lazhar a warm welcome! We are happy to share the top 7 products that every dog owner needs in their lives! Enjoy…

The Products

Do you remember when you first got your dog, how much enthusiasm was had for all that shopping for dog supplies? It felt good to browse the best products for the new four-legged family member. But hey, maybe today’s the day for a quick update of all those essentials every dog owner needs?

We’ve listed seven essential supplies a dog owner should have at hand. They aren’t all to be used daily, but they definitely will be used sooner or later.

1. Interactive Toy

Most dog toy manufacturers don’t even bother with the quality of their dog toys; it’s like these brands know dog owners don’t expect quality anymore. I know friends who own one dog but two dozens of plush toys. Don’t get me wrong, plush toys are amazing but they aren’t the most intellectually stimulating kind of toys for a dog.

What very few dog owners have but should immediately get are interactive dog toys. These are usually embedding one or several delicious treats that require some sort of mechanism triggered by the dog in order to be released. Some are maze-like while other need a sequence of good moves to unlock.

Dogs usually get the gist after a few days or few weeks, but even then, because they do not have hands and fingers, everything is a lot more challenging. These puzzle toys are amazing, and Nina Ottosson is one of the leading brands.

2. Training Pouch!

At first when I got my numerous dogs, I was training them several times a day. Each session was very much praise driven until I discovered the power of treats. Once I started using single-ingredient treats (usually diced cheddar cheese), I made everything dirtier: my pockets, my floors, my bags.

Dog treat pouches are very basic, very cheap, but very useful. You’ve got most of them priced under ten dollars but if you want the super flashy design, you may have to shell out twenty or thirty bucks. Treats are staying fresher for longer and everything is cleaner!

3. Blanket for Dogs

When I get a dog from a breeder, I always ask for a blanket and it usually is the dog’s favorite spot for the weeks to come. Now, after a while, it either gets destroyed or misplaced. Then, I just forget and don’t really buy a new one (the couch’s throw is usually acting as dog blanket!)

The couch’s throw, however, is not sized to fit my dog’s crate, or the dog booster seat, or basically anywhere else than my own couch. Buying a dog blanket takes a minute on Amazon and there are some that cost less than a coffee at Starbucks. If you feel like splurging, you can absolutely find a $100 sheepskin dog throw that will be your dog’s favorite spot forever.

4. Dog Hair Clippers

Whether your dog is trying to conform to the ideal breed specimen for a dog show, or simply to make him or her more comfortable, giving your dog a trim every now and then is a must. Going to the groomer’s salon may be expensive especially if you want to clip your dog often.

Owning some professional dog hair clippers is not as expensive as you would think. The top of the range models are around $200, so you can easily grab high-quality dog hair clippers for $100, as shown on the popular buying guide by Breeding Business.

What matters when you pick your clippers is to avoid overkills: if you are only going to work on your dog (and your neighbor’s dog), keep it simple. Don’t buy the most powerful ones because you are going to drown yourself under many settings. Remember, hair trimmers must be low in both noise and vibrations, but also have enough motor power to cut through difficult matted coats.

5. Dog Nail Grinder

Even if you provide all the care in the world to your pets, there is a morning when you will wake up and hear the dreaded ‘tok, tok, tok’ caused by claws a little too long. Although trimming a dog’s nails is a very simple operation, most of us (me included) are little anxious at doing it ourselves.

The fear of hurting our little beloved dog is too much to handle so we simply ask our vet to do it, or the groomer. But hey, we aren’t going to the vet or salon every few weeks so it would be great if we could do it ourselves, don’t you think?

Enter the world of dog nail grinders! They are simple tools that revolutionized how dog owners trim their dog’s nails at home. It’s a rotating polishing head that you press against the nail’s tip to trim it down gently. It is fast, just few seconds per nail, and lowers the risk of cutting the quick (that nerve in a dog’s nail.) They work like magic!

6. Antiseptic Wipes

Fido is playing outside and as soon as you get home, you can see a little bit of scratching going on. Take out a cleaning wipe and disinfect the area to avoid the spread of any bacteria, or even a viral infection. Wipes cost very little and they are soaked with dog-safe antiseptic.

Although there are plenty of brands out there, just pick some that are specifically designed for dogs to avoid too strong compounds that would irritate the dog’s skin more than eradicate any infection.

Because dogs have very sensitive skins, I would have any scented wipes. Even humans (me included) do not support well fragrances in everyday care products (soap, shampoos, wipes) so prefer to be too caution than sorry.

dog products

7. Toothpaste & Toothbrush

A third of a veterinarian practice’s consultation have to deal with some type of dental or gum issue. Indeed, bad breath and gum diseases are such a big issue that treat manufacturers focused their marketing by selling dental chews. Unfortunately, nothing really replaces a proper dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste to clean a dog’s teeth.

Some would go as far as doing it daily, but if you at least start doing it a couple of times a week, that would be a big improvement. Periodontal conditions may be very common, but they are also extremely easy to prevent by regular brushing. Do not wait until it is too late to take action!

Most of these dog supplies are very cost-effective but truly make a difference. Make sure you only buy from trusted brands that manufacture their products in the United States. This is not just to be patriotic, but it is to ensure the products are designed using our local’s hygiene and pet standards.