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I know what you are thinking. This has been drilled into our brains from the first visit to the vet. “Get your dog neutered/spayed NOW!” “The risk for cancer is high if you don’t.” “She could get pregnant…”

Yes, the possibility of pregnancy can happen if you are not responsible, but did you know that there is just as much a risk for cancer and other side effects when you spay your dog? Actually, there are a ton of reasons NOT to spay your dog at all, especially when 6 months or younger, as most vets do.

Dr. Becker, the top holistic veterinarian in the country, believes in sterilization, but that’s a whole other topic. For this article, I want to talk about the reasons you don’t want to spay, or at least wait until your female is older, and how to keep the dog population under control safely.

Speaking of Dr. Becker, she actually wrote a wonderful article on the damaging effects of neutering/spaying your dogs. As stated from her article…

“The researchers looked at the health records of 759 Golden Retrievers. Goldens were chosen because they are one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. and Europe, are often used as service dogs, and are also susceptible to various cancers and joint disorders.

The intent of the study was to investigate the effects of neutering on the risks of several diseases in a single breed of dog, distinguishing between males and females, and between dogs that had been neutered or spayed early (before one year), late (after one year), or not at all.

The dogs ranged in age from 1 to 8 years and had been seen at the UC Davis William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital for one or more of the following problems:


  • Hip dysplasia (HD)
  • Lymphosarcoma (LSA)
  • Hemangiosarcoma (HSA)
  • Mast cell tumor (MCT)


The researchers focused on joint disorders and cancers because desexing removes the testes or ovaries and disrupts production of hormones that play an important role in body processes like bone growth plate closure.

Study results indicated that for all five diseases, the rates were significantly higher in both males and females that were neutered or spayed (before or after one year of age) compared with intact dogs.”

We can’t ignore these facts. It’s definitely something to consider. So, what do you do if you decide to postpone spaying your female dog? How do you make sure she isn’t pregnant. You can’t possibly hide her away from the world because she goes in heat!

Thankfully, PABS “Delay her Spay” was invented. PABS stands for:






This product is incredible. It is known as the “chastity belt” as it protects her “girly areas” and it allows your female dog to still be around male dogs while in heat! It came pretty much assembled, we just had to get her to step into it and buckle her up. This shouldn’t have to be removed except for bedtime, as it doesn’t block her from going #2. The straps keep everything in place, and buckle around her neck for security.

It took us a second to figure out what all the buckles were for, but we got it. If you get confused, look at the instructions that were provided. 🙂 Here is a sample:


The relief of not having a pregnant female and a whole litter adding to the ever growing population of homeless dogs is a huge weight off of every consumer’s shoulders.

Another plus – it comes with a pad in the back area! This saves your furniture, and the mess that comes with having a girl in heat. The pads are replaceable, and can be ordered online.


I had the pleasure to speak with Dexter Branch, who is the President of the company, Highly Favored Creations, LLC. He was so passionate about this product, and it was a breath of fresh air to speak to so involved in their customers and wanting to create such a special product tailored to the customers needs.

Have a problem? Just let them know! Have a question? Just ask! Their customer service is top notch, and they are there to help you every step of the way.


My parent’s Goldendoodle puppy is only 8 months old, if you can believe it. She was the model for this product (because, obviously, Benji & Milo are boys), and she was so patient. She’s already almost 70lbs, so I tried out the X-Large size on her. It fit well, and still had some room to grow!

The design is nice, and the fabric doesn’t feel cheap. Sadie gave it two paws up. Once we were done putting it on, she didn’t even notice it!

It’s important to know that there are other options out there so you are able to “delay her spay” safely, and efficiently.

If you want to see how the harness really works, you can view the videos on their Youtube channel or see their website.

To purchase you own PABS, you can click the photo below!


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