I cannot tell you how absolutely excited I am to be sharing Darwin’s Pet Food with you guys! It’s a genuine love that boils deep in my soul. Does that sound dramatic? Maybe. But it’s true.

It’s my goal as a holistic dog blogger to share the best pet foods on the market with you guys. I’ve gone over the different options such as home cooked vs. raw that you can check out, but you all know I am definitely a fan of raw for many reasons! It truly changed my Benji’s life.

I’ve been using Darwin’s Pet Food for many months now, long before they asked me to review the food on my blog. I couldn’t be more thrilled to promote this product!

“It came mom!!”

Darwin's dog food

Why Raw Food?

I’ve gone over why raw food is beneficial to pets, which you can find in the Raw Feeding Information section of the blog. But, as a summary…

  • Raw meat contains all the essential nutrients that get cooked out of commercial dry/canned foods.
  • No fillers, you are getting everything straight from the source. Remember, dogs are only genetically different to wolves by a small percentage. Their bodies are MADE to eat raw. They have enough digestive enzymes to digest raw meat, unlike humans.
  • Healthier coats
  • Less bowel movements, but healthier ones

Why Darwin’s?

  • Darwin’s Pet Food is one of the only pre-made raw food companies on the market, but it is by far the best. Their customer service is top notch, and the product quality is there. Darwin’s uses only the best quality meats and vegetables, no additives or by products.

As quoted from their website, “Our meals are the freshest possible, formulated to meet or exceed AAFCO nutritional guidelines.”

  • You get the benefit of feeding raw without the clean up or balancing. Making sure your pet’s “home made” meals are balanced properly is such a big deal. You can’t just give your dog a raw chicken leg and call it a day! Darwin’s does all the work for you.
  • They aren’t just for dogs – they offer cat food as well!
  • They offer different options such as ZooLogics, Natural Selections, and Intelligent Design, which is a prescription meal service. Yes, raw can be tailored to your pets needs.
  • You don’t have to get it all at once! You can save money and freezer space if you have a small dog by sectioning out your deliveries. Figure out how much you go through on a weekly basis and go from there. You can have shipments 6, 8, 10 weeks apart usually for a small dog or cat!
  • Amazing customer service! If you have an issue with an order, you can call their number or send them an email and someone will be happy to assist you. I’ve had a few emergencies where I hadn’t ordered enough in a shipment, and they quickly sent me another order. I was so impressed.

Another thing I love is that they send you a container if your first order. This is what I use to thaw my Darwin’s that I will be using for the next day. I put the packages in the container frozen with water, and overnight they are thawed and ready to eat!

Darwin's dog food

This is an example of the duck version that Benji eats. Benji can’t have chicken because of his allergies, and duck has been an amazing alternative. I understand that to many, this doesn’t look “pretty”, but to me I don’t mind because I know that THIS is giving my dog everything he needs.

Darwin's dog food

“Okay, mom!! Put down the Darwin’s!!”

Darwin's dog food


Darwin's dog food

“Let’s check each others bowls to make sure they are empty…”

Darwin's dog food

Darwin’s Pet Food fits easy in your fridge and freezer. I section it off by flavor. I have a spot for Benji’s Duck and a spot for Milo’s Chicken!

Darwin's dog food

Darwin's dog food

Darwin's dog food

You rip off the sections and it turns into small packets. 🙂 My boys get 3/4 of a small bag per meal. Those fit easily into the fridge as well!

Overall, I’ve had no complaints with Darwin’s. When Hurricane Irma hit, they emailed me and said that they were putting a hold on my account until I say otherwise so that I didn’t have a giant box of frozen raw food while I was out of power or waste food in delayed shipping that would arrive as spoiled meat! That was very considerate, and I’m so happy to be a customer of this company.

Order Now!

Darwin's pet food

You can order Darwin’s by going on their website HERE.


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