We are so excited to share our thoughts on our overall experience on our first month with the homemade dog food, Nom Nom Now. If you haven’t seen our unboxing review or our mid month review, you can check those out now.

Let’s go over why we are loving them so far:

  1. They are never frozen – they are made just before shipping and this makes them guaranteed fresh! The only reason Nom Nom Now would be frozen is because YOU stick it in your freezer.
  2. All of their recipes are formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg, Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist! This is a breath of fresh air, not having to worry about balancing meals, and knowing that everything put into this food was sourced from the US, and met to high standards.
  3. Their size!! Not only is their packaging super cute, but it’s convenient. Here’s why…

For this review, I wanted to show you how easy it was to organize and fit in your fridge. We shared a photo of Nom Nom Now in our freezer in our last post, and when we are prepping food for the next few days, we simply have to move it to the fridge! Voila!

You can see very clearly from these photos that they fit in the fridge perfectly…

nom nom now

They are so sleek, you can stack the packages on the shelves in the fridge or stick them to the side! Whatever works for you and your fridge space. It seems there is nowhere that Nom Nom Now can’t fit!


And again, if you need any more convincing on why you need Nom Nom Now, just see how the boys’ react!

“Who wants their Nom Nom Now?”

nom nom now

“WE DO!!”

nom nom now

nom nom now

nom nom now

The verdict: this brand is top notch. Their ingredients are human grade, their meals are balanced, perfectly portioned specifically to my dogs. I don’t have to worry about portioning for their weight, or even leaving my house to get dog food! When you are busy enough, this brand has your back.

They deliver this food right to my door, and I put everything in the freezer except for the food I’m going to need for the next few days and take out as needed. I stick what I will be using in my fridge, and don’t have to worry a bit about making room. This makes feeding your dogs a homemade, nutritionally balanced diet a breeze and there is no excuse not to! We can’t afford not to!

Nutrition truly plays such a big part in the health of our dogs, and Nom Nom Now is convenient and easy. They take the work out of a homemade diet, and for that, I am thankful.

Nom Nom Now = 4 paws up + 2 thumbs from momma!

Are you interested in trying Nom Nom Now?

You can get your first TWO boxes for 50% off using our promo code: FORPAW52, or just click the photo below.

nom nom now


*Disclaimer: For The Love of Paws received product and/or compensation in exchange for our honest review. We only partner with products that we believe in, and we value your trust!