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So, what the heck is iHerb and what do they do?

Let me start by saying how much I LOVE this website. iHerb is like the Target of your pet supplements needs (and your own – honestly!) iHerb has been carrying the highest quality natural products since 1996, and they know how to do it right! iHerb carries over 200 Pet Products for both Cats and Dogs and can be shipped to over 160 countries!

The purchasing experience was very easy. They even have an app for your iPhone! I was able to type in the type of products I wanted, and I was given a whole selection of things that fit my needs such as Turmeric Treats (which we will talk more about in a minute).

iHerb Review

iHerb products are perfectly priced, and shipping is either non-expensive or better yet – free! Their customer service is 24/7, so if you come across any issues you need not worry. Not to mention that they can provide support in 10 different languages! iHerb is also a Google Trusted Store, so you can tell that they really care about their customers, and it shows!

Their warehouse has a Good Manufacturing Practice certification, which you won’t come across easily, and is air conditioned and monitored so that the quality of their products stays in pristine condition.

Guess what else? Their website states: “iHerb uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper for 90% of all shipping boxes.

So not only are you doing good for yourself and your pets, but the planet too. 🙂 Stay tuned until the end for a special discount link.

Now, let’s get to the products…

Beco Bowls

iherb review

I saw this on the iHerb website, and fell in love. The Beco Bowl sounded too good to be true. Perfect for dogs or cats alike these bowls were made from waste plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks! How cool is that? These bowls are tough and durable, machine washable, and biodegradable when finished with their use.

I’m going to tie this in with my next product…

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil by PetNC

If you want your dog to have great skin and a good quality coat, this Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is a must! It’s rich in Omega-3’s and natural EPA’s. Omega-3’s are also known to help with joint health in dogs.

iherb review

I added some of the oil into the boy’s food and off to the races they went!

iherb review

They loved the taste! No issues at all. It just melted right into their dinner. No one even blinked!

Turmeric Curcumin Bites by Zesty Paws

iherb review

I know what you are thinking… what is turmeric and why do I need this?

This specific treat is called Turmeric Curcumin Bites!

Turmeric is an herb in the ginger family that is known to help with joint pain and health. It’s a must in my opinion for large breed dogs, but even small breeds can benefit. This particular supplement is in a treat form and also contains Curcumin (for joint and digestive support) and Coconut Oil (already obsessed with – for weight control, joint health, energy levels).

But would the boys LIKE this treat? The answer is…

iherb review

iherb review

Yes!! This will be given daily.

Neem “Protect” Spray by Ark Naturals

iherb review

I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of the Neem “Protect” Spray.

What does it do? It naturally reduces itching caused by flea and tick bites. You can get rid of the fleas and ticks, but they leave a lasting itch on your pets, even after they are gone. My dogs get this problem sometimes with fleas if the weather isn’t on our side, regardless of treatment!

This spray contains Neem and Citronella which has been shown to have healing properties and relieve itching by soothing dermatitis caused by insect bites. I would assume this works for mosquitos as well.

iherb review

The dog’s liked the smell as well! We give this two paws up. 🙂

Tear Stain Pads by PetNC

iherb review

I was excited to try these Tear Stain Cleansing Pads because of Milo’s tear stains. He is cursed with his white coat that loves to show the eye drainage. He is healthy, but it’s part of his breed.

His eyes push up against the water line, which in turn pushes more liquid out of the tear ducts and under his eyes. It’s important to keep this area clean, and these pads are perfect!

iherb review

Milo was such a trooper! These didn’t burn and he didn’t mind a bit. He wanted to wiggle and sniff the pads, but other than that – success.

These will take multiple uses over a few weeks to see if they really work, but so far I noticed that under his eyes was visibly lighter after wiping them off.

Raw Goat Milk Balm by Tierra Mia Organics

iherb review

I saw this on the iHerb website, and freaked out. I had never heard of such a thing! My dogs LOVE to drink raw goat milk, but someone was genius enough to turn it into a pet balm to be used for dry skin, rashes, itchiness, and hot spots! The end result; The Gentle Pet Balm by Tierra Mia Organics.

Of course the benefits of goat’s milk extend to the skin for dogs! Why haven’t I tried this before?

For this product, I used Benji as my model. As most of you know, he suffers from allergies so I applied this to his feet. He was very tempted to lick, which is fine as it is not toxic, but you could tell it was soothing to his irritated feet.

iherb review

Another good thing about this balm, a little goes a long way!

Nice Jerky by “I and Love and You.”

iherb review

As someone who feeds raw/homemade meals, I’m always on the lookout for high quality treats for training or general praise. Benji can’t do the generic beef or chicken, so a nice quality protein such as Venison + Lamb featured in this Nice Jerky is perfect for him and Milo!

These treats are free of fillers; no corn, wheat, soy or rice. Animals were treated humanely and were free range + grass fed. The treats are USA made, but meat was sourced from New Zealand.

This company is a breath of fresh air because of how up front they are with the consumer! I know where it was made, and where it was sourced from just from the front of the bag.

What do the boy’s think?

iherb review

iherb review

iherb review

iherb review

Another success! Benji wanted to swallow it whole of course, but Milo took his time savoring each bite. Looks like a winner to me! We will definitely be getting these again from iHerb.

The Verdict

iHerb is a holistic dog mom’s dream! Even if you aren’t well versed on “natural” pet care products, there is a great description on every product and customer service is always willing to answer questions. If you are looking for good quality products at a great price, iHerb is where it is at!


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You won’t be disappointed. Stay safe, and stay dry, friends.

Until next time,

Shelby xoxo



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