There are a lot of great organizations speaking out regarding hotlines for those seeking shelter and help from this awful tragedy, but something we absolutely can’t forget are the pets being affected by this as well!

I’ve seen countless news articles where animals have had to be left behind, tied up somewhere as the waters rise to their necks. This is so sad and scary to me. I’ve also seen wonderful articles showing police and good samaritans rescuing these said animals and bringing them to safety. A lot of animals are ending up in humane societies and shelters!

So, with all of this being said, how do we help? How do those of us that don’t live in Texas help those from a distance? CAN we?

The answer is yes! I will tell you how in a minute.

As I write this, I look outside and the sun is shining. My dogs are safe inside with me, cuddled up by my feet. I cannot take this for granted, and it’s sad to say, but sometimes we all need a little reminder to prepare for disaster so both our family our animals that we call family can be safe and protected.

If a flooding take place right now, (which is always possible, Florida IS hurricane central), would I be prepared? I understand circumstances might make a difference, but there are always some things we can do to prepare.

Hurricane Harvey Pets

What to Have Handy

Some of these things might be “common sense”, but when disaster strikes, these are not things that you want to be scrambling for last minute!

  • Vet/Vaccine Records and Rabies Certificate: A lot of shelters or pet-friendly hotels will need proof of these things before admittance.
  • Pet Carrier: It’s important to be able to transport your pet safe and sound, and keep them separate from possible other animals they may encounter if having to stay somewhere. If your dog is too big for a carrier, and a crate is not logical – I suggest something like a baby gate. They make light ones that fold up nicely, and are able to keep your pet contained for the time being.
  • Food Storage: Always make sure you have a high stock of your pets food stored away for disaster. If you are needing to evacuate, you will want something easy to travel with. Dry food doesn’t always have to be the option, dehydrated raw is a great alternative if you can buy in bulk!
  • Bottled Water: For you AND the animals – you never know what your options will be or if you will be able to boil water. Great to always have handy!
  • Microchip/ID: If they get lost or run away, you will need to have them microchipped so that they can be scanned and returned to you. Make sure your information on the microchip is up to date! It’s also a good idea to have a photo of your pet printed (Yes, on paper!), if you ever need to show someone what your pet looks like for identification and they are not microchipped.


hurricane Harvey pets


How to Help!

If you are not in the area, like me, there are still ways that you can help from a distance.

  • Donate!! – This is huge. These humane societies and shelters are taking in a lot of animals that were never expected to be placed into their care, and some need medical help. I know some are also taking donations of beds, food, ect.


Here is a list of a few that are in need of help…

Houston Humane Society –

Houston SPCA –

Humane Society of the United States –


  • Adopt – Some shelters in surrounding states are coming into Texas and taking pets to their locations. If you are able to adopt or even foster so they have room to help even more animals, please do so! You can inquire with your local humane society to see if they are taking in any pets from Texas. They will be happy to respond!


  • Spread the Word! – If people don’t know about the ways that they can help, how can they help at all? Please help spread the word so that we can do our part to help those in Texas and the pets left behind or lost. Social media is one of the greatest tools we have; lets use it!


To those affected or those that have loved ones affected by this horrible hurricane, For The Love of Paws sends their love and prayers to you and your families! If we find any other information or ways to help, we will share that information. Thank you!

hurricane harvey pets

Please share so that those with animals can prepare, and we can help spread the word on ways to help!


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