I am thrilled to share an update since the boys’ have started Nom Nom Now dog food! We are in our mid-way mark since starting 2 weeks ago, and everything has been going great. I wanted to share some thoughts on how they are doing, any changes, and give you a glimpse.

nom nom now

As you can see from the photo above, the packaging is SO sleek, which I mentioned in our first review. Literally, this is just a section I portioned off in the basket that is part of my freezer. I can fit SO many bags in just this little space! That has been so convenient.

Nom Nom Now – Mid First Month

Something interesting to note – if you forget to thaw out a pack from the freezer the night before, you can put the pack in some water and it thaws right out! I had to do this the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised by how fast and easy it was. I know I’m not the only one that has run into this problem!

The boys transitioned seamlessly. It was super easy to follow, we went from the 25% packets to 50% to 75%, ect. Their stool was normal and no stomach upsets! Woot woot! It was so easy.

nom nom now

This might sound weird, but every time I get the food out – I always think of how pretty it looks! I’m always tempted to take a bite, and the great thing is, I know it IS good enough for me to eat. If someone dared me to eat dog food as a kid, I would have been disgusted. Now, I’d laugh in their faces. 😉

The left bowl has Milo’s Tasty Turkey Fare, and the right bowl has Benji’s Porkalicous Potluck!

Milo has had teeth issues in the past, he’s had to have some food extracted. I truly blame his kibble that he was on previously. People claim that kibble cleans their teeth because it’s “crunchy” but this is simply not the case, it is a marketing gimmick. Good quality food + bones for them to chew on = clean teeth!

nom nom now

I can always tell when his teeth looks good, he is eating well. He will always have those stains, but look how nice his teeth are looking! 🙂 I am very impressed.

Now, it was time for their meal! You can see how much they love it. Benji is hard to get a photo of while eating because his whole face is in the bowl! Little stink.

nom nom now

Of course Benji finished first, asking for more…

nom nom now

In contrast, Milo prefers to savor every last bite, but is also a messy eater. You can tell he really wants to get every morsel, though, which I appreciate!

nom nom now

All in all, our mid-way point is another two thumbs up.

I continue to be impressed with the company and the food. I received an email from customer service that same week after our first delivery arrived, asking how we liked the food! That really makes them stand out in my mind.

If there were any issues, I feel comfortable knowing I can contact them and that it would be resolved in a timely matter.

See our initial review HERE.

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