Ideas for Back to School Blues…

Where I live, everyone has gone back to school and I won’t lie – it’s nice that places are less busy during the day. I can’t say I love the 4 o’clock rush hour. I do not have kids, but my dog’s know what it’s like when the weekend is over and I have to go back to work. They think it stinks!

It’s ten times harder for pets if your child has been home for the entire summer, and starts school again. It’s a change of habit, something they have to adjust to and remember how to cope with. If your dog is especially close with your child, you can understand the loneliness they feel when they go away for long periods of time.

You have to remember, your dog doesn’t know why your child left! They just know they come back at the same time, every day. And they were gone foorrreevveerr!

back to school

So, what is a dog parent to do?

While the child is at school, make sure you are giving your family dog enough attention.

It can be easy to be in the habit of cleaning, laundry, errands, and forget that the dog has feelings and requires the attention that he/she was used to when school was out, and everyone was home more.

When the kids are at school, do something different and special with him/her. Something to look forward to while the kids are away. Perhaps a trip to the park, a ride in the car, a special snack! Not only does this make them look forward to this time, but it builds a bond with you as well.

back to school

Dog’s Help Homework?!

Another important thing to remember – dog’s are truly therapeutic!

It’s important for your child to finish their homework, I get it. But, when they need a break, what better way to take a breather than playing with their dog? Dog’s are known to reduce stress and provide “happy brain” chemicals that actually help you focus.

So instead of playing video games, suggest fetch with Fido!

We hope you all had a great summer and did amazing things with your family. 🙂


back to school



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