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I was gifted a Poof Pet Activity Tracker to review, and wow – this is some cool stuff! Read on and check out the bottom of the post for 50% off your very own Poof!

Have you ever used a FitBit for yourself? It’s essentially this, but for your pet. As the photo above states, it tracks their activity by motion, calories burned, sleep schedule, and more! It’s waterproof, has a LONG battery life, and it’s super lightweight so it’s not heavy on your dog (or cats) collar!

There are two shapes to choose from: the Pea, which is a large circle, and the Bean which is a rectangle. I chose the Pea in lime green and this is what it looks like…



I think it looks neat! I just installed the app and got everything started tonight. I used Benji as my subject to test on, and I look forward to seeing how he does! The app is free, and it syncs to your Poof via Bluetooth. The app itself is fun! It’s almost like Instagram in the sense that you can view other pets photos, but also their activity stats. It’s fun and competitive!



There is a whole section for YOUR pet, where you can add the type of pet food they eat, their weight, age, ect. You put all their information in.

It tells you how many calories they should be eating, and how active they should be based on these stats! You select a “score”, which is a number that will be your goal to achieve throughout the day, to get you started. It says that for normal pets it’s about 55-99. It preselected 79 for Benji.



First impressions: I’m very impressed! The app is fun and easy, the Pea was super easy to install, and so far everything looks great. I’ll be doing an update in the coming weeks to show you his stats and how it is going!

It definitely motivates you to reach your goal and it’s great to promote healthy exercise in pets, and even cats can benefit from this product!

If your pet is sleeping longer than normal, this can be a sign of illness, and the Poof will let you know if they are sleeping too much.


*We received product in exchange for our honest review. We only review products that we think will be relevant to our readers, and we value your trust.

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  • SOUND OFF: Have you used a tracking device for yourself? Did it help you achieve your health goals? Comment below!



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