Well guys, it was about time that we did a review on something that happens to everyone who owns a dog… picking up doggy drops!

Oh, the fun presents they leave for us…

For those that have a hard time bending over, they made an amazing tool for you! And it’s super easy too. Its called…


The pooBagger

dog poobagger


The company contacted me and asked if I could review this product, and I didn’t hesitate to say yes!!

I get tired of bending over to pick up the dog poop, or using those “rakes” that everything sticks to and doesn’t really work. We are getting real here, guys!


dog poobagger


I wrapped the poop bag that it came with around the white ring, but the white ring is what keeps the bag attached to the “scooper” part. The instructions were VERY easy to follow…



It just clicked on with a SNAP! and then poof – I had a nice pooper scooper with a long handle!

You use the rake on the bottom of the scooper to get between the grass blades and everything goes right into the poop bag attached at the bottom! When you are done, you just snap off the bag, and VOILA!! Toss in the trash. 🙂


dog poobagger


Isn’t this neat? I was pretty happy I found it. It worked well! I didn’t want to show photos of me actually picking up the boys’ gifts (sorry, folks!) but the product itself is well made and impressive.

It’s made of polymer composite material, and you can use any dog-poo bags to attach to it! Newspaper bags, you name it. The companies aim is to “reuse and repurpose what is already available in order to minimize landfill usage.”

Now THAT is something I can get behind!

If you are interested in getting one of these, check out pooBagger.com on Twitter and Facebook. Tell them we said hi!

Disclaimer: We received compensation/product for giving our honest thoughts and review on this product. We only work with companies that we think would be relevant to our readers, as we value your trust tremendously. Thank you!
(c) Featured Image credit: pooBagger.com

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