… their social media accounts that is. I had the pleasure to interview a new friend of mine and blogger, Aimee Jurenka. She works for Darwin’s Pet Food as their social media guru, and she started a blog of her own called “The Lazy Raw Feeder”. I will include the links below. I was very interested in learning her story, and I hope you are as well! 🙂

Give her a nice warm welcome…


Darwin’s Social Media Girl

  • For those who don’t know, can you explain what your job entails with Darwin’s?

Aimee: Oh geez…We are a small company so job descriptions can get long. I started in customer service and when Darwin’s decided to become active on social media it just made sense to promote an employee who already had product knowledge and had read Dr. Royal’s book, watched numerous Dr. Becker videos, and was a raw pet food convert.

Our brand advocate program grew from there! Then, we started content marketing so I started reaching out to pet authors to do guest posts for us. We didn’t have any writers on the team yet. After that, Darwin’s decided they wanted to become SEO savvy. I love puzzles, and that is how SEO is, so I expanded into that. Now I am Darwin’s in-house SEO and Social Media Strategist, and I work with writers and bloggers and social media folks who are active in the pet space.

What that means to me is that I get to create, share, and promote on-line information that can educate more pet owners about proper nutrition for their four-legged family. It is my personal goal to make species appropriate pet diets mainstream knowledge.

  • What made you want to get started with a raw food company, were you feeding raw prior to working with Darwin’s or after?

To be honest, I just needed a job. My first career was managing craft beer programs in small alehouses and required nights, weekends, and holidays. After I met my husband and step-son, I wanted to spend all that time with them. So, I decided to look for a new industry to work in. Darwin’s was willing to hire me at entry level and train as needed. They offered health benefits and retirement, and the fact that they would also feed my dog was a bonus.

He was eating kibble at the time, and not even a fancy brand. I had a bit of experience making food for my step-dog, Daisy, a few years before. I had always thought a raw diet was a specialty diet or extreme measure for health reasons. Not a normal way of feeding. That changed very quickly once I saw the change in my own dog, Sportydoo, after feeding him Darwin’s for a month. I then started the process of researching pet foods and the different diet options. Coming from the idea that a high-quality kibble was spoiling my dog, what I found was shocking…

Kibble was created during World War 2, when meat was being rashened in the US. So, there wasn’t any table scraps or left overs to share with the family pet and started making pet food from ingredients that humans couldn’t use. Makes sense, but why didn’t we go back to real food after the war? Advertising. Kibble companies spent loads of money to keep the profit margins up. Then I found out that not only is kibble made from low quality ingredients not fit for human consumption it also is covered in molds called mycotoxins that are harmful, dogs and cats digestive systems are not built for dry foods, or even grains. I can go on and on. If you are interested in more Google Steve Brown, The Dogs Ancestral Diet. Or follow my blog The Lazy Raw Feeder, I will be doing a series of posts on why I feed raw even though it isn’t as easy as dry, canned, or dehydrated meals.

  • What is one thing you love most about working for the company?

Being able to be proud of where I work. Darwin’s has a product I can comfortably promote to my friends and family. I am not one for gimmicks or unauthentic things so, it means a lot to me to be able to do that. Darwin’s also is a company that I can stand behind their business ethics towards their customers and employees. A huge must when it comes to me and my personal values.

  • What is something you think people don’t know about raw feeding?

That feeding kibble is the equivalent of feeding a sugary cereal to your kids. Would you eat or feed nothing but that? I think most people would feel uncomfortable doing that, and we are looking to educate people on the importance of feeding more natural foods to their pets.


  • How many pets do you have, and can you tell us about them? 🙂

Two perfect doggos. My first gotcha is Sportydoo, he is a Lab Vizsla mix. Big lab head, skinny Vizsla body, and a red coat. He is our family dog that we adopted at eight weeks old. I had never had a dog of my own before and I was completely unprepared on how much exercise they need. He ate half our front porch and tore out one tree. That was almost eight years ago. The porch has been repaired and a new tree replanted. And we couldn’t imagine the last eight years without him. He can still clear our front yard fence to chase squirrels.

My next gotcha is MaHoney. She is my ride or die gal. She was a Darwin’s Foster Dog about two years ago. She is a blond Puggle that had a yeast infection from head to toe and would scratch until her skin bled. I didn’t care, she had me at hello. I took her home the first night and told I was going to make her all better. That took two years of diet restrictions, gut microbe building, acupuncture, many salves, and loads of medicine baths.

I thank the maker for Darwin’s. I wouldn’t have been able to care for her if I didn’t already know about raw diets and how they affect allergies and skin conditions.

  • You also have your own blog on your experience with raw feeding, what can we expect to see there?

Yes, I just started The Lazy Raw Feeder as a side project. When I started at Darwin’s I thought these people are nuts. I cannot manage all that work being added to my household.

The Lazy Raw Feeder is for that person I was three years ago. Along with more about why kibble is not worth the convenience and why real food is dog food, I am sharing my tips and tricks to making raw feeding easy, and different holistic treatments I’ve tried over the years to see how I can provide a natural dog lifestyle, simply. I will be sharing my victories as well as some epic fails. (My post on natural flea control is going to be hilarious).

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Aimee J. is the social media girl behind Darwin’s Pet Food! She is also a raw blogger, and advocate for natural diets. You can follow her on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We thank her for her time to contribute an interview to this blog! 🙂








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