I received an email this week where the writer commented that veggies and fruits are allergens and that they are not needed in a dogs diet, as they are carnivores.


Should Veggies Be In a Dogs Raw Diet?


This is a very controversial topic in the raw feeding world. In the raw feeding section of my blog,  I talk about the fact that I believe veggies/fruits (the right ones) should be included in my dogs raw diets. I welcome other peoples’ opinions and I understand maybe some dogs are allergic to certain things, but in all my schooling I have never heard of veggies and fruits being a generalized “allergy” for dogs. It can actually help!

See what works for YOUR dogs!

Do I believe we should fill our pets plates with veggies and less protein? Absolutely not! Do I believe it adds additional vitamins and benefits that can’t be found in meat? Yes!

veggies in a raw diet

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As I’ve stated previously, I feed Darwin’s raw pet food because I live in a small town in Florida that doesn’t have good sourcing options or local raw food co-ops. They source from wonderful farms that I have no access to. Darwin’s adds veggies to their mixes, and I’m completely fine with this at this time in my life.

Dogs Aren’t a Once Size Fits All!


Once I move and am able to make my own raw food for my dogs using quality sources, I will do so and play around with the veggie percentage and see what works for Milo and Benji. I still add my own extras like raw goat milk, egg shells, ect. to see what works and doesn’t work! That’s the joy of it – finding what benefits my dogs.

But please, don’t be afraid of fruits and veggies for your dogs! No dog is a “one size fits all”! There are no studies that show that it harms dogs by any means to add small amounts of appropriate veggies.



Dogs ARE carnivores, this fact is true. Even so, wolves in the wild ate greens and berries, if not straight from the source then from the rabbit that consumed those things previously! Obviously this was by no means the bulk of their diet, but they did get wonderful benefits when they did consume them.

In the end, feeding fruits and veggies is not essential in a dogs diet and is completely up to the owner, but it does have its benefits.

So the question remains: do you feed your dogs added veggies or fruits? Let me know in the comments below! Or hit me up on our social media. 🙂



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