Here in Florida, the only season we really get is summer. For the rest of the world, it has just begun the summer season and with it – responsibilities!

This is not to say that we can’t have fun, but please remember that not only is it H-O-T for us humans – our dogs feel it just as much, if not more. Learn how to have summer safety for dogs below!

How can you tell if it’s too hot to walk your dog? The asphalt! Test it out by putting your bare hand on the road for 10 seconds. If you can’t keep it down that long, it’s too hot. Wait until it cools off. The best times for walks are early mornings, or evenings after the sun has started to set. Check your weather channel for sun set times!


hot asphalt for dogs

hot asphalt temps for dogs

(c)Photo credit: The Money Pit, data from Journal of American Medical Association

Summer Safety for Dogs – Asphalt temperature matters!

If you must walk during the afternoon, always try to find shade. This might be a no brainer, but sometimes it means going a different direction or taking a different route than you might normally take where there are more trees. Walking in grass is always a great idea!

Always prepare: it’s a great idea to prep your dogs paw pads before hand to make sure they are truly protected from that hot asphalt! This Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax is a great tool and a natural wax. It contains Vitamin E which moisturizes pads, prevents AND heals wounds.

Remember a few signs of heat stroke for your pup include:

An enlarged red tongue, rapid panting, vomiting, pale gums, and dizziness. 

The American Red Cross has an amazing app you can download for free that provides tips and instructions on what to do if your pet is suffering from heat stroke prior to transferring them to your local animal ER. I always have that app on my phone incase of an emergency and my mind has blanked on what to do!

Remember: water, water, water!! Dogs will need to drink more in the summer to keep up with their body temperature rising, so always make sure they have fresh filtered water available inside and out.

I hope these tips have helped you get an idea of ways to prevent your dog from suffering, while still being able to enjoy your daily walks and exercise!

Happy sniffing!!


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