Milo was getting antsy and I had some errands to run, and I remembered I had gotten a dog stroller for my birthday in May and hadn’t put it to good use yet. Now, I am all for dogs walking and getting exercise but Milo is currently needing work on his leash pulling skills.

Although not to his knowledge, he is starting classes next week to work on this. 😉 SURPRISE!

This way I could kill two birds with one stone: get the items I needed at Michaels Craft Store and let my dog get some stimulation and socialization. Bonus for my arm not being ripped off in the process.

We needed to hit the cake isle for some decorating needs. My mothers birthday is coming up and I am in charge of the cake. We also got stuff to make some doggie cupcakes we can’t wait to show you guys!! Stay tuned for that.

dog at Michaels craft store

Milo goes to Michaels!

Anytime I grabbed something, he wanted to know where I was going. “MOM! YOU MOVED!”

He loves the stroller, though. I don’t know if its because he feels like he’s inclosed in his kennel, but he is so well behaved in there. I wish I had gotten one sooner. I believe this one was from Amazon.

dog at Michaels craft store

Milo at Michaels

It has two drink holders and a spot I can sit stuff. The bottom section has a place for my purse, so I didn’t have my hands full. Nice little spot for my cupcake liners! And it has a back view of Milo so I can make sure he isn’t trying to stand up.

Which he tried to do in the check out line, he wanted to say hello to everyone!! Silly boy.

Happy Sniffing…


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