Happy Sunday, dog lovers!

I wanted to talk about this amazing boutique I found out about this week. Where have they been all my life? No clue. Better late then never though!

Let me start by saying this post is NOT #ad or sponsored. I love what this company is doing, so I wanted to share their message with you all!

So what is Lolawawa’s? They are a pet boutique that specializes in charm bracelets for dog lovers. So, basically you all need one. They don’t just have bracelets, though. They have shirts, bows, bandanas, collars, anything your heart desires. But alas, their main brand is the bracelet.

dog charm bracelet review

dog charm bracelet

I emailed the company asking to get some more information about how they got started. I saw from their website that they donate a portion of the proceeds to charity, so I wanted to learn more about that. You can’t feel guilty about shopping if it helps a good cause, right? 😉

I received a reply from Joey, who owns the company with his mother. Already my heart melted. As quoted per his email, he states:

“My mother and I started this company a little over a year ago with the idea of selling one-of-a-kind products for dogs and dog lovers… to raise money for animal rescue efforts. We offer an assortment of pet products, curated from skilled artisans around the country, as well as an array of unique dog owner products (i.e. Shirts, Mugs, Totes, etc). A portion of our monthly profit is donated to Social Tees Animal Rescue, a not-for-profit based in NYC but with a global footprint. They carry out rescues across the country and internationally.”

dog bracelets

charm of the month club

What a wonderful effort. Something I also thought was super fun is that they offer a monthly “Charm of The Month” Rescue Club where for $9.99 you get a rescue bangle if you sign up and monthly charms to match. Another cool fact? Members get a LIFETIME member discount card of 20% off all future purchases.

Joey also said that each new charm symbolizes a new contribution to animal rescue efforts, and can be added to the bracelet. They give a portion of their profit from the club to animal rescue as well.

Now THAT is a company I want to support. I already got one for my mother’s birthday. But shh…

You can check out their website HERE and their Facebook HERE.

Happy sniffing!


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