This was Benji three years ago, on his way home to be with me forever.

This little guy was matted up, had to have a hernia removed, rotting teeth and wondering the streets alone. The lovely people at Georgia Jack Russel Rescue took him in. I swear he has a Jack Russel heart because of it!

After a couple months being home, Benji developed his first ear infection. I had never had a dog with this issue before, I was freaking out thinking his ear was bleeding. He was crying and shaking his head, anytime he tried to scratch it – he cried. It was redish/brown and crusty. I immediately cleaned it out and took him to the vet who told me it was an ear infection.

Nothing worked, we tried multiple treatments and medications, a concoction of ear drops and finally it went away. I hated the intense treatment and medications we were using, but I didn’t know any other way.

This Is How Diet Changed His Ears…

After I was cooking one day, Benji got a piece of meat from the ground by mistake. The next day, another ear infection. The vet suggested he has food allergies. She switched him to Hills Science Diet Z/D. That worked for a while, but they came up again. She said sometimes dogs have to try exotic meats to keep the ear infections at bay. Maybe someone in his genealogy had meat allergies too, so trying an “exotic” meat would throw off his body. She switched us to IAMS that was made with Kangaroo.

This was the only kibble that worked for him. He still got ear infections, but less often.

Now keep in mind, this was BEFORE I started school and learned what all the product ingredients meant. After being on this for a year, and learning about how much sugar and additives were in my dogs food I immediately took him off and switched him to Zignature, still Kangaroo.

how diet changed his ears

how diet changed his ears

Was this better? Yes. It was a better quality kibble. Was it what my dog needed? No. He ended up still having ear issues, and I started my search into holistic medicine and how much heat processing is used for these kibbles, no mater the quality. I decided it was time to switch to a raw diet.

Benji has been having a raw diet for a couple months now, and it has changed his life. He no longer WANTS kibble, and he hasn’t had an ear infection since. His ears have never looked this good. His stool looks more healthy, his hair isn’t greasy, and he has more energy. I can’t make this up.

And he adores it! It’s so fun to see his excitement when he gets a duck neck or I make a homemade treat.

I wanted better for him, and I have thoroughly researched the company we use at the moment which is Darwin’s Pet Food. The animals there are raised humanely from farms, and they don’t have the added sugar and salt that can actually make ear infections worse!!

He is getting straight to the source of what his body actually needs, and cutting out all that sugar has changed his health for the better. Gone are the days of medication and ear stains.

There’s no going back!

how diet changed his ears

And don’t just take my word for it. Do your research! Learn what the ingredients really mean! I am so grateful for the film Pet Fooled which as shed light on the pet food industry and the lies they sell. We want the BEST for our dogs, and many can’t accommodate. If you haven’t seen the documentary, please do so. It will change your life, and your pups, for the better.



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